I’m 30 years old passionate Badminton player. I have been doing this sport for more than 20 years. When I started this website a few years ago, there was a lack of information about this sport on the internet. I thought that it is a shame, because Badminton is a beautiful sport, and so many people still don’t know about it. I decided to change it by creating this website and publishing interesting articles, guides, and reviews from the world of badminton.

The website is divided into four major sections.

Badminton 101.

Here you can find information for complete beginners.


You need to know the rules if you want to move your play to a higher level.


When you know the rules, it is time to improve your playing skills.


Great badminton player needs to have great equipment. In this section, you will find detailed reviews about all products, that will help you improve your performance.